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Saturday, July 26, 2014 , 2:50 PM

It's been 2 years since I last updated this dusty blog. 

Well, today. I decided to get more active for no apparent reasons.
Maybe because I'm bored at work. Maybe.
I finally deleted my 2008 blog, I totally cannot take it the way 
I typed the post actually. Damn bimbo. & also, deleting all the pasts. ;)

What has been happening the past 2 years of my life? 

I have a new niece, Dhaniah! My sister gave birth last year
June 2013. This sweetheart is so damn cute and
mischievous especially when she tag-teamed with Esyura Dyna, who is 
turning 4 years old this year October. Sister and family moved in their new 
house late 2013, which Brother and family just moved in their new house mid 
2014. So basically, this year Hari Raya I can visit their houses. :)) 
Grandma started to live with my family. I have to admit, beginning of it when 
they left home, I feel the loneliness but not so long as mum is taking care
of the two kids during weekdays. Dhaniah sleeps with me on weekdays and 
Esyura go home every night.
Alhamdulillah. Allah bless with a good life having these
important people who I cannot lived without around me. :)

Personal Love Life:
Well now, its time to talk about my personal love life. Not getting too personal.
I'm still in love with Abdul Rahman Bin Yahya.
Our relationship is turning 4 this year September. 
It has been a good journey as the love indeed is getting stronger and 
we are able to understand more about each other. In 2013, my dad (whom
against of me having boyfriend) decided to pay Mann's family a visit during raya.
Since then, I realised that my dad and family able to accept him and 
things has been great. Dad doesn't pressure when I go home a lil bit 
late when I'm out with his family. :) Recently, Mann turned 21 and I
did a pre-suprise birthday celebration at Bukit Batok HomeTeam NS
villa. Invited all his close friends from Boon Layians, ITE and SP.
Not only that, his family were invited too. They helped out in
bringing him there to suprise him. A whole lot of people helped in all
the preparations and all, and I have sent personal messages to each of them
to thank them for helping out and coming to the celebration.
I really thanked all of you from deep bottom of my heart.

I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with Diploma in Business Admin
with a GPA of 3.2. Not so good but fair enough. Hahaha.
Not wanting to start working full time, I decided to take up degree. 
Managed to get exempted from 3 modules as I went for their tests. 
It's the end of my first year and now waiting for results which will be 
released around mid-late August 2014.

Part-time Jobs: 
I have a few part time jobs actually. 
1) Doing private 1-to-1 tuition (4 students)
2) Working at Tuition Nation as Admin
3) Part-timer at Fujifilm Jurong Point
Sounds crazy but I love all my jobs except certain parts of it. Hahaha.
To be honest, I am underpaid but I just love the experience of everything.
Not like I'm a super accredited worker. I just want to gain experience.

Working as part time tutoring makes me think of ways on how to  handle
kids, motivate them to study, ways on how to make them understand 
the concepts that are taught more clearly. 

Working as an admin at Tuition Centre, I managed to understand how 
small business operates and it makes me a more responsible person as 
I'm dealing with cash and making sure that I do not do anything stupid
to breach the trust of the top management. 

Working as a part timer at Fujifilm for the past 1 year and half year,
taught me a lot of things. Like basic manners on how to handle 
customers, how to persuade them (not hard sell) to vary their options like 
making them buy the more expensive but better quality frames. Learn how to 
use basic photoshop skills, learn the immigrations requirements of 
different countries. Providing good customer service and making 
a customer happy with their purchase is what I looked forward to 
every time I serve one. It makes me happy too. Moreover, when a customer 
asked for your name, and will look for you the next time they come to the store.

I'm blessed as all these part time jobs able to understand my tight 
schedule and I can negotiate my schedule. Alhamdulillah. :)

Enough of about jobs. Hahahaha. Sounds like super workaholic.
Enough of updating of my whole life from 2013- current 2014. 
Will update more often starting from now (I hope). 

Bye for now. :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012 , 12:31 AM

It's been one year two months since i last updated my blog.


1) Too busy w school.

2) Busy spending time with my family.

3) Busy spending time with my boyfriend.

4) Busy spending time with my lovely friends.

So... LIFE HAS BEEN GREAT SO FAR! SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED.. but im still standing still yoooo! :D So whats happening now?

Have just completed my second-year final exams. Next week, I'm going for my attachment. Bah. I got attached to a company that organises camps for school. Cool right? They will be sending us to Desaru for training. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

Okay.. My relationship with my Dearest Rahman is going well too. :D Weeee.

Will update more things happened for the past times i have been missing in action. For example, Rahman's 18th, My 18th. ;)

With Regards, Khiriah Kairudin


Wednesday, December 29, 2010 , 10:27 PM

Happy birthday to me ! :)

Spent my whole day with Rahman. Just him.
He's back from Langkawi, and today is e first
day we met after so long. hehehe. As soon as
i see him. I said "Welcome back to Sg." and
automatically we hugged for so long and he
asked me "can i cry?" Awww ~ :)
He gave me presents. And guess what..
I cried upon looking at those presents.
Its when he went extra miles to get me the
shirt that i really want from last week. :)
That blue Armani Exchange sleeveless. :)

These are the presents i received from Him. :)
I appreciate it so much dear.. Really
appreciate it. :) We went to City Hall, he suprised
me again ! He brought me to Swensens. :D
And spent close to $60. Excluding the birthday
presents. ahh, i told you, not to spend so much kan.
haiyo ! alright, after some dinner, we have
nowhere to go, and ended up catching movie.
"Tron Legacy" was superb ! i love it !
Overall, i had a great time with him.
Thank you so much dear.
I love you. :)


Sunday, December 26, 2010 , 10:46 AM

Hello, this botak baby is Esyura !
Die daa botak laa ! :D
From 12.00am till 5.00am, chatted
w Rahman over at Facebook. I like ~ :D
And yes ! Nur Esura Dyna.
Yes, she came over to my place.
From 2pm till 10pm. She begin her baby
talk.. Everything. Wow, just 2mths taw !
Half-way through.. Received a call
from Daya, asking for my help on Bio
and Chem. She came over to my area.
Came down for a while, about 2hours,
then went up again. :D
P.S : 1 day plus left. :)


Saturday, December 25, 2010 , 10:35 AM

Its Christmas !
I am a muslim. But i just wanna wish
"Merry Christmas" to those celebrating it.
At night ~
Before that !
I sleep like a pig. Till
evening. Woke up, and went to catch
movie with Sis and Bro-in-Law.
Gulliver's Travels 3D was AWESOME !
HAHAHAHA ! Catched it at JP,
and home sweet home. :D
P.S : i miss you love. :D
Song for him :
It's not Christmas without you -
Katherine McPhee. :D

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Friday, December 24, 2010 , 10:18 AM

Hello, im going crazy because im missing
Abdul Rahman Yahya ! :(
Okay, what did i do today. Woke up ard 4plus.
Then meet up w daya, since she wants to
ask me some maths questions. Meet up w her
at West Park, called Shiqa, and she came along.
Then we go and have dinner at 815. Thats all
folks. And yes, im wearing Rahman's jacket. :D
Late at night, i was playing fb.. browsing
things and there. I was on the verge of missing
him when i received a notifications from him.
He managed to get the WiFi down there. :)
And hell yes ! We just comment2 siket siket at
facebook. and he have to go. :(
And i break down even more.
Because all these while, he have been there
for me. ALL the time. and now, when he's
suddenly away. I feel myself so lost w/o him.
You know, sometimes, ppl say, distance make
you realise that you really need the person
and truly love them. :)
Have a great chat w Yasniza Mozai. And thats
when she make me realise a few things that
i've been not realising all these while.
Thanks Yasniza. :) ILOVEYOU. :D
P.S : Rahman, i need you. :(

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Thursday, December 23, 2010 , 11:14 AM

Meet up w Boify at 10.30am.
Boify was under my void deck from 9.30am.
The time we promised. I overslept. :(
Eat breakfast at Mc D, then chill out
to spend time together before he leaves
Singapore for Langkawi. :)
Im gonna miss you alot baby.
Hope you have a safe journey to and fro.
I will always takecare of myself, dont here.
Please do not worry about me okay.
Remember this : I love you dearly.
Here i am, 4am in the morning.
Didnt able to sleep. All i do now, is hugging
Rahman's jacket. Sigh. Miss you. :)
P.S : Come home fast !


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